To motivate our students and to give them direct interactions, we conduct seminars and workshops with leading personalities. We organize workshops for student’s age wise. Once in a month we conduct workshop on various subjects.

Now a day’s students are forced to use mobile phones mainly for online classes. We conduct meetings to create awareness among the students about cyber-crime and misuse of information through mobiles in collaboration with various NGO’s.

Students are also made to realize their part in becoming a responsible person even on roads. They are taught the do’s and don’ts by taking them to Children Traffic Park and various professionals conduct seminars and make students involve in solving the day to day issues.

Most of the parents are either office goers or daily wage earners who cannot spend time with their wards after school hours. Most of the days the students are left unattended by the parents and to fill up these gaps we give guidance to all students and counseling to girls particularly. We give counseling through psychological experts and social activists.

30.05.2019, 31.05.2019 Workshop for staff by Heartfulness
19.06.2019 Awareness on yoga for students
10.07.2019 LIC officer briefed to students about the importance of LIC savings
31.07.2019, 01.08.2019 A Counselling to students by Mr.Janakaraj
04.10.2019 Mrs.Manjula Narasimhan spoke on cyber-crime
16.10.2019 A Awareness on Gandhian principles by social activists
23.10.2019 Laughing therapy to students by Prof.Suriyanarayanan

We regularly conduct career guidance meetings to our outgoing students once in two months. We use the services of leading career guidance experts to make the students aware of various openings in one’s career.